7 Hybrid Cats Breeds

Bengal Cat

A hybrid breed known for its wild-looking spots and marbling, bred from Asian leopard cats and domestic cats like the Egyptian mau. Bengals are water-loving with dog-like personalities and may be prone to certain genetic diseases.

Savannah Cat

Taller than Bengals, Savannahs are hybrids of servals and domestic cats. They feature exotic markings and are the largest recognized domestic cat breed. Some regions regulate ownership of earlier generations due to their wild ancestry.


Medium to large hybrids of jungle cats and domestic cats, Chausies are social and playful. They resemble Abyssinian cats and enjoy companionship with other pets and people, suited for active households.


Crossing Bengals and Oriental shorthairs, Serengetis aim to resemble servals without wild cat breeding. They are agile, vocal, and have slim features, inheriting their active nature from both parent breeds.


Developed from Bengals and ocicats, Cheetohs are large-bodied with striking spots. They are friendly with pets and people, gaining popularity for their wild appearance and gentle temperament.


Created by crossing Bengals with domestic tabbies, Toygers are trainable and friendly. They have tiger-like stripes and are playful, making them ideal for households seeking a unique-looking companion.


Resembling bobcats, Pixiebobs are social and active with bobbed tails and tufted ears. They make chirping noises, often have polydactyl toes, and are known for their friendly demeanor and distinctive appearance.

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