7 Hair Colors Worth Trying Now, According to Pros

Melted Caramel

Soft, warm highlights ideal for brunettes, blending seamlessly with a shadow root for low maintenance. Best for warm skin tones.

Buttercream Blonde

Creamy, golden tones reflect light, perfect for bright blondes and brunettes seeking warmth without full bleach. Ideal for winter's rosy complexions.

Porcini Brown

A softer, realistic take on mushroom brown with neutral taupe and golden undertones, flattering all skin tones year-round.

Toasted Pecan Red

Rich, glossy auburn shades like hot pecan pie, enhancing both pale and deep skin tones for a vibrant yet subtle red-brown look.

Amber Glow

A mix of golden and copper tones creating warmth and depth, suitable for all skin tones, especially enhancing fine or damaged hair.

Baby Balayage

Subtle hand-painted highlights at hair ends for natural-looking dimension, offering a toned-down twist on classic balayage.

Dark Chocolate Bouclé

Rich base with delicate babylights adding texture and depth, ideal for brunette waves and curls for a luxurious, natural appearance.