7 Hair Colors Trending in 2024, According to Experts

Cherry Red

A vibrant, wearable red favored by celebrities like Dua Lipa and Zendaya, flattering all skin tones with its customizable hues.


Combines brunette and blonde through balayage, featuring khaki tones with a hint of violet for a cool, natural look.


An earthy, deep copper with auburn undertones, perfect for brunettes and redheads, achieved through balayage for rich dimension.


A technique blending base color with highlights for a sun-kissed effect, using color rather than bleach for a seamless look.

Glossy Black

Rich black tones enhanced with shine treatments for a reflective, multi-tonal finish, offering depth and movement.

Reverse Balayage

Darker hues blended into previously highlighted hair for a gradient, melted effect from roots to ends.

Buttery Blond

Shift from bright platinum to warmer, darker blonde tones with golden hues, often enhanced with face-framing highlights for added brightness.

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