7 Creative Ideas For Using Deck Hanging Planters In Small Spaces

1. Vertical Gardening

Vertical space use maximizes tiny spaces. Deck hanging planters are ideal for vertical gardens on decks, balconies, and patios. Attaching a few pots to a wall or railing or creating a unique storage unit for your plants are also options.

2. Hanging Herb Garden

If you cook often and require fresh herbs, a hanging herb garden may be ideal for your tiny area. Deck hanging planters make growing herbs outside your kitchen door simple.

3. Mix and Match Planters

Mixing types and sizes is another innovative approach to utilize deck hanging planters in tiny areas. This may offer visual interest and break up a row of pots.

4. Living Wall

Create a living wall with deck hanging planters to make a statement in your little area. This might range from mounting pots to a wall or fence to building a living wall system.

5. Suspended Planters

If you have limited wall or railing space, deck hanging planters may provide greenery. In small spaces, suspended planters from the ceiling or above structure make fantastic vertical gardens.

6. Privacy Screen

Use deck hanging plants as a natural screen to offer seclusion to your outdoor environment. Tall, fast-growing bamboo or hedges may be planted in huge pots to form a natural barrier.

7. Accent Pieces

Deck hanging planters may bring color and intrigue to your outdoor environment. Use one giant pot to make a statement or arrange numerous smaller pots for a coherent design.