7 Common Mistakes That Beauty Experts & Stylists Say Make People Look Messy

A board-certified dermatologist and anti-aging doctor named Dr. Dusan Sajic says that regular exfoliation is good for you, but "over-exfoliating can lead to skin irritation, dryness, and damage to the skin's natural protective barrier."

1. Mistake: Over-Exfoliating Your Skin

The seasons can change what your skin needs, and Dr. Sajic says that using the same items all year might not help with these changes. He says, "Change your skin care routine and makeup products based on the season.

2. Mistake: Using The Same Products Year-Round

According to what Dr. Sajic has indicated, if you choose an unsuitable foundation shade, it might make your makeup seem like it was performed artificially.

3. Mistake: Not Using A Foundation That Suits Your Skin Tone

When you're putting on a full face of makeup, it's easy to forget about your brows. But Dr. Sajic says, "Neglected eyebrows can make your overall appearance look messy and unkempt."

4. Mistake: Ignoring Your Eyebrows

"Dr. Sajic warns that putting makeup on skin that is already dirty can trap dirt and oil, which can cause breakouts and make the makeup look uneven." If you don't think that sounds fun, get hydrating cleaner.

5. Mistake: Applying Makeup To Unclean Skin

Kunijo says that it's fine to line your lips too much, but not too far outside of your natural line. To make your lip look bigger, push your makeup just outside the edge of your natural lip.

6. Mistake: Dramatically Overlining Lips

When you leave makeup on your face overnight, you are causing massive damage to your skin. You have to allow your skin to breathe so it s best to remove makeup and moisturize after.

7. Mistake: Not Removing Makeup Before Bed