6 Things Only Cat Owners Understand

Master of Comfortable Chaos

Cats defy logic by snubbing plush beds for snug, unexpected spots like cardboard boxes or laundry piles.

Tech-Savvy Intruders

Forget privacy—cats prefer warm laptops over your work or gaming setup, demanding attention at the worst times.

Privacy? What's That?

Expect feline companionship everywhere—even the bathroom—where they'll watch, unblinking, as you go about your day.

Destructive Indifference

Your belongings are fair game: sofas for scratching, glasses for toppling, and toilet paper for shredding—cats show no remorse.

Human Furniture Climbers

Whether you're lounging or working, to a cat, you're just another climbable object, much like a living room chair.

Catnip The Ultimate Addiction

Catnip turns even the most composed cat into a frothing, rolling enthusiast, showcasing their blissful oblivion to the world.

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