10-Year-Old Guitarist Stuns Judges on 'America's Got Talent'

At just 11 years old, Maya stunned AGT with her rendition of Papa Roach's hit, defying expectations with her guitar skills and confidence.

Maya Neelakantan Rocks AGT Stage with "Last Resort"

Dressed in a saree from Chennai, Maya's performance celebrated her heritage while impressing global viewers.

Maya's Traditional Indian Attire Wows Audience

With 48k followers, Maya's journey to AGT has been documented, showing her rise from local talent to international sensation.

Maya's Journey from Instagram to AGT

As AGT's youngest guitar talent, Maya faces stiff competition but has the skills and support to go all the way.

Can Maya Win It All? The Future of AGT's Young Guitar Prodigy

Maya joins the ranks of notable guitarists like Marcin Patrzalek, showcasing a new level of musical talent on AGT.

Maya's Unique Place

Polish performer Marcin Patrzalek set a high bar with his innovative guitar medleys, inspiring future contestants.

A Guitar Virtuoso's AGT Legacy

With AGT judges impressed, Maya's future in music promises exciting possibilities beyond the competition.

Maya's Journey Beyond AGT: What Lies Ahead?

This season highlights exceptional talent, with Maya poised to compete among the best of the best.

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