10 Attractive Short Haircut for Women

Wavy Bob

Halle Berry's wavy bob is a modern twist on the classic Roaring '20s style. With a diagonal part and added volume on one side, this look is sure to turn heads.

Beachy Lob

Kiera Knightly's beachy lob is perfect for any occasion. This easy-to-maintain style works well with both straight and naturally curly hair, making it versatile and chic.

Short Shag

Lisa Rinna's signature short shag is full of layers and texture. The strategically placed highlights add depth, making this look stand out with its bold, textured appeal.

Pixie Bangs

Zoë Kravitz's pixie cut with baby bangs is ideal for those with petite features. This sweet style frames the face beautifully, even with its ultra-short length.

Sleek Lob

A sleek lob is perfect for fine, naturally straight hair. With a few passes of a flat iron and some product, even wavy hair can achieve this smooth, polished look.

Layered Bob

Diane Keaton's layered bob adds volume and movement, suitable for any hair thickness. Embracing her natural gray, this effortless style is both sophisticated and trendy.

Asymmetrical Crop

Halsey's asymmetrical crop is edgy and unique. With one side buzzed short over the ear and fading into the back, this hairstyle offers a striking and dynamic look.

Hollywood Waves

Christina Hendricks' Hollywood waves bring old-school glamor to life. With side-swept bangs and loose curls, this style is stunning and works beautifully with any hair color.

Side Part Pixie

Lupita Nyong'o's side part pixie adds a dramatic flair to a simple style. Changing your part can add volume, making this an easy yet striking look.

Voluminous Layers

Tina Fey's voluminous layers are perfect for thick hair. These layers add volume while also thinning out the hair, preventing it from feeling too heavy or overwhelming.